Friday, December 10, 2004

Cockney Kennedy in Christmas Carol

Not content with his role as Lib Dem leader, young Charlie Kennedy is starting an acting career by taking a part in an Eastenders Christmas special. His part is to be the ghost of christmas past in a special east end panto version of A Christmas Carol. I think Charlie may have had a wee whisky too many.

After David Blunkett showing how nasty politicians can be about even there cabinet colleges I was last night heartened to see opposition politcians showing genuine affection towards each other. Who am I talking about you may ask? Well, it's mine and everyone elses favourite political pairing, Michael Portillo and Diane Abbott. When Diane broke out in a coughing fit Michael jumped straight in to give her a gentle pat on the back and ask if she was all right. It was a touching moment. Portillo didn't show such kindness towards Tony Blair though with some scathing comments on Blairs dress sense. Michael, known for his Ralph Lauren shirts (he must have millions of them), was particularly dismissive of the jumper Blair chose to wear in his xmas card photo. He has also noted a decline in Blair's dress since Ali Campbell left, and it's not too hard to imagine Campbell being there when Tony woke up picking out the suit for the day.

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  1. Qui custodies custodiet?

    It sort of begs the question who was choosing ali's shapeless suits. As Neil Young once wailed "Every man needs a maid."