Monday, October 25, 2004

Champagne flows as this new blog sets sail

Hi all. My main reason for starting this blog is actually due to boredom and want of a distraction from doing work one Monday, i.e. this Monday, afternoon. I expect this is how many blogs start after the other computer based distractions of solataire, mahjong and general internet browsing have been exhausted (if they can). It's also here because I'm a bit of a copycat and my mate James started a blog recently and I decided to follow suit. His reason for starting was slightly more practical in that he's moved to Venice for a year and wanted to keep his friends updated with what he was up to.

In the course of this blog I hope to maybe keep people up-to-date with what I'm up to and whereabouts I am. There might even be some opinion, but it'll most likely be mild in its content. I'll possibly try to keep the general public, or more likely just the small group of my friends, who read this up-to-date with the lastest astronomy/physics related research, being as I'm an astrophysics PhD student.

That's enough intro for now. Hopefully you'll have reason to visit in the future and enjoy the content that I display.


  1. I think everybody should have one. I'll put a link on staight away.

  2. This is a test, this is a test - do my comments get emailed to me still?