Monday, June 28, 2010

...until tomorrow I'll just keep moving on

Tonight is the last night I'll be spending in the flat that's been my home for the last four and a half years. Soon after starting my post-doc position back in 2005 I decided to embark on the property ladder and (after some deliberations about whether to buy somewhere on my own or not) along with my flatmate bought a newly built flat in the salubrious Ruchill district of north Glasgow. After just over seven years of living together (counting the prior time we rented together) our flat sharing partnership is now coming to an end, ending my longest home sharing partnership outside my parental home. It's sad to be leaving a place that's been my home for the longest period other than my 18 stay at my parent's house. It's also sad to be leaving somewhere that I've part owned, which adds more of a personal element to leaving than just getting out of rented accommodation. However, I am looking forward to finally, after nearly 30 years of life, having my own place as I am moving into a flat (albeit renting) alone.

Anyway, here's to Ruchill Street and all who sail within her. I will miss you and wish you well.

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