Thursday, July 24, 2008

Seek and you will find

Before getting up this morning I was all ready to write a scathing post about the person who cleaned my room in my flat in Hannover. Yesterday after noticing how clean and tidy my room was following a visit from the cleaner I was looking around for the white plastic bag that I've been putting my dirty laundry in. That morning it had been sitting in the corner of my room covered by a t-shirt, but in my new tidy room it was nowhere to be found. I searched far a wide, in cupboards, under beds, behind chairs, even in other rooms in the flat, but still nothing. My only reasonable assumption left was that the cleaner had thought that this bag of clothes was rubbish and had thrown it out (or taken them away to be washed, but I thought that a bit far-fetched) as the bag was one of the bin bags from the kitchen - although clearly wasn't being used as a bin. In my opinion it was a bit overzealous and an assumption too far to throw out someone else clothes, so I was rather annoyed. Today I thought I'd have to go and talk to the guy I'm renting the flat from and let him know what happened, but something stopped me. That something was opening my curtains this morning and finding my bag of dirty clothes sitting on the windowsill. I probably even closed the curtains over them myself. The lesson is that even when you think you've searched everywhere there's probably somewhere obvious that you've not looked.


  1. you have a cleaner?

  2. You mean you don't!? How do you live?

    There a cleaner that comes in once a week to empty the bins and change the bedding, cos it's a guesthouse rather than an entirely self-sustained apartment.