Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A day in the life

24 is back in a sixth series following a day in the life of, some time, CTU agent Jack Bauer. The first four episodes have been shown and were quickly downloaded in my flat. I won't give (m)any spoilers, but will just say that the format is the is the same as ever. The ever present torture aspect is still firmly there - I think they lasted about 20 mins into the first episode before any knives were stuck in places you wouldn't really want. As they've covered pretty much every aspect of terrorism in the previous seasons there's a very familiar feeling about the things happening at the start of this series, but it's still kept going along at a really fast pace and so maintains the excitement. I'm just wondering how many episodes the initial terrorist storyline will last into this series, until we find out the real situation and inevitable, completely different, uberplot that is always present. Bet's on as to who's the mole in CTU this time round!

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