Monday, October 16, 2006

Sitting vs Standing

In most cases the there is an obvious winner in the sitting vs standing battle. Sitting will win hands (and arses) down! But in the world of gig attendance its often the other way around. If you're seated at a gig (a fairly rocking and lively gig at least) then you just don't really get the full experience - plus you can't dance. With this in mind I have to decide whether or not to get tickets for the DJ Shadow gig at the Carling Academy Glasgow in November, given that I've been slack in buying a ticket and there are now only seated ones available. The tickets cost £18.50, so they're not dirt cheap, but also aren't hyperexpensive either, which means I shouldn't really worry about the seating/standing issue if I'm that into the music. I'll probably go, because the last DJ Shadow gig I went to was really good, and his new album is also very good (despite several rather poor Amazon reviews I like it a lot - it has a far more standard hip-hop style, rather than his usual trip-hop style, and is therefore quite different from his previous stuff, but he pulls it off very well, and manages to mix in other styles as well).

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  1. Anonymous1:26 am

    Ah, a dilemma I faced myself this very week! Ended up plumping for seating tickets for Motorhead/Clutch for the same reasons. I know - seated at Motorhead :( Still, don't want to miss that one and the seats in the Carling Academy aren't that bad really. If I were you I'd bit the bullet and just get the tix. After all, any gig is better than no gig!