Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A good day for the Brits

This evening many European national teams were playing the second of their qualification matches for the 2008 European Championship. The British teams playing today (Scotland, Northern Ireland and England) all won, which is very good. The England game, which is the only won I saw all of, was however a rather disappointing affair. This was the first England game I've watched in a Scottish pub since seeing us go out of the World Cup (and we all know my last experience), but admittedly there've only been two England games since then and for one of them I was in America. We just didn't play well at all, couldn't pass for anything and just kept losing the ball. Some of the players just didn't be seeming to bother trying to even look where they were passing. We won, which is the main thing, but I'd like the players to at least try a bit harder, as having a 1-0 lead makes it a bit more nervy than it really should be. Scotland did well beating Lithuania away from home (I only saw brief bits of the game, so can't really comment on the performance), so they're now on top of their table on goal difference ahead of France. This should hopefully give them confidence to go on and perform well when they have to play France and Italy. The best, and most shocking result, was Northern Ireland's 3-2 win against Spain. I saw the last 15 mins of this game, and it was far more exciting than the whole of the England game. A brilliant result for them after their disappointing result against Iceland at the weekend. So all in all a nice evening for the home coutries, lets hope it continues.

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